Yuriy Kosyuk

Chief Executive Officer


 Yuriy Melnyk

Executive Director, Chief Operational Officer



 Viktoria Kapelyushnaya

Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer



Maxym Pisarev

Executive Director, Chief Product Officer 


Sergey Ivanov

Executive Director, Chief Commercial Officer 





 Andrey Bulakh

Vice-President, Deputy CEO People







 Iaroslav Mykhailovskyi

Vice-President, Chief Executive Officer Europe








Oleksandr Dombrovskyi

Vice-President, Head of Energy Innovations and Energy efficiency




Ihor Leshchenko

Executive Director, Chief Sustainability Officer  



 Olena Kosyuk

Director of Food Safety & Quality



 Anastasiya Sobotyuk

Director for International Communications 



Andrey Kyslynskyi

Chief Communications Officer 


Yuriy Gvozdyev

Chief Legal Officer



Ruslan Ponomarenko

Security Director



Oleksii Reshetnyak

Chief information Officer  



Mykola Takzey

Chief Innovation Officer






Oleksandr Zhukotanskyi

Director of Feed Production and Silo Division 



 Mykhailo Bashchunskyi

Director of Meat-Processing and Convenience Food Division


 Dmytro Ptashnyk

Chief Supply Chain Officer





Olena Gontsovska

Head of Finance Controlling Department  




Oleksandr Hurov

Head of Poultry Breeding Department


 Sergey Dobrohorskyi

Head of Agrodepartment