MHP is a leading producer of the Ukrainian meat market. Strong growth across all business streams is our strategic goal.

We are proud to be:

  1. One of the leading poultry producers in Europe with one of the strongest food brands in Ukraine.
  2. One of biggest grain producers in Ukraine with an impressive potential for growth.
  3. The biggest processe meat producer in Ukraine.



MHP’s Strategy

Production costs

At all times, we keep production costs under control and have one of the lowest poultry production costs in the industry.


Build on our quality facilities

We continue to invest in modern production facilities and equipment, to maintain the status of  modern large scale producers in Europe.


Increase our land bank

Is an important component in maintaining our unique vertically-integrated business model. The company plans in 2016 is a possible increase of the land bank of 50 thousand hectares on the territory of Ukraine.


Strengthen our market share

Ukraine’s domestic market for meat products is expanding steadily. In occupying a sustainable position in the market of meat processing, we aim to expand the range and to win a big share of this segment. We offer a wide range of delicious, high quality, safe products, including more value-added products such as ready meals and convenience food.


Promote our brands

We will continue to support our brands through targeted advertising which has resulted in high brand recognition and trust in our products with consequently increasing sales.


Expand our distribution networks

Over the next five years, we want to see an expansion in the number of our franchise stores (circa 2 000 in 2015). Expansion will also achieven our aim of expanding network of “Nasha Riaba” branded stores to cover more parts of the country. We will keep the retail sales balance between franchised outlets and supermarkets.