TM "Baschinsky" offers more than 50 varieties of sausage and meat delicacies of the highest quality for consumers that appreciate the real taste of meat products.


 Ukrainian Bacon was founded in 1996. In 2008 PrJSC Ukrainian Bacon joined PJSC Myronivsky Hliboprodukt holding.


Over 170 assortment items are manufactures under the following trademarks:


1. Bashchinskyi:

  • delicatessen from pork and poultry meat;
  • cooked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, pies, kebabs;
  • semi-finished products from poultry meat, smoked sausages.


2. Europroduct:

  • ravioli, cooked sausages, frankfurters.


3. Nasha Ryaba:

  • chilled poultry.


4. HoReCaSelect™:

  • cooked and smoked poultry. 


5. ARO™:

  • cooked and smoked poultry, sausages, cooked sausages.


6. Sytnyi Ryad™: 

  • cooked and smoked poultry.


7. АSHAN™:

  • semi-smoked sausages.


8. Kozhen Den™:

  • cooked sausages, frankfurters.