Cooking meat? It is “LEHKO!”


At average, a number of the human daily tasks has been fivefold increased in the course of the past 30 years. Everything that enables a person to free up more time is in demand: rapid transport, household services, "smart" devices for a house and those of prime importance – the pre-cooked food in the “Just Reheat” format. The globally growing popularity of the frozen cooked meals is explained by significant increase of its quality and ease of consumption.

LEHKO!TM products – it is over 25 assortment items fully compliant with this demand. The products of the selected fillet Nuggets, unique for the market Chicken Kiev, Strips and Popcorn Chicken are of a real pride.

Due to quick and easy cooking of LEHKO!TM products, the people who want to spend more spare time with family, relatives and friends get a quality product from natural raw meat produced at the enterprises of PJSC MHP.

The main advantages of the LEHKO!TM cooked frozen meals consists in the fact that these are fully cooked products which you only need to get reheated. They contain no preservatives; for their preparation only natural spices and herbs have been used.

Since February 2006, all LEHKO!TM products have been produced at the Lehko Meat Processing Plant being a modern, automated and fully autonomous production in Kyiv region. This enterprise is among the four most high-tech companies in Europe and is unique in the former Soviet Union.