TM "Nasha Riaba" offers a wide range of packed and unpacked products (sold in modern and traditional retail stores and in over 2 100 franchised outlets in Ukraine).





PJSC Myronivsky Hliboproduct, the company which produces poultry sold under the Nasha Riaba brand, began selling quality chilled domestically-produced chicken back in 2001. Today, Nasha Riaba – the leading brand in its category – holds over 50% share of Ukrainian market of commercially-produced chicken.

Nasha Riaba poultry is produced in clean, hygienic conditions at five technologically-advanced enterprises across Ukraine where everything that makes direct contact with the product is subjected to daily sanitary and hygienic controls using microbiological analysis. These enterprises have also implemented an ISO 9001 (DSTU ISO 9001) - and ISO 22000 (DSTU ISO 22000)-compliant integrated food quality and safety management system and a FSSC 22000-compliant certification system.

To rear poultry we use own-produced wheat, sunflower and corn feed with added vitamins and microelements. Our own laboratory network controls all phases from the production of feed to the production of ready chicken.

The company’s own refrigerator truck fleet delivers Nasha RiabaTM chicken to sales network within one day after processing, which then is sold via over 2 100 original sales outlets across Ukraine and also through supermarkets where our products are offered in packaged form.

Nasha RiabaTM takes care of its consumers, their health and comfort by guaranteeing quality and safety of chicken and the excellent taste of everyone’s favorite dishes. Catering to Muslim consumers, Nasha RiabaTM offers Halal-marked foods produced in accordance with Islamic traditions and canonic norms and certified by Al-Raid Research and Certification Center.

Ukrainian consumers appreciate this care and in return, give the brand their recognition. Focus magazine named Nasha RiabaTM the most popular Ukrainian brand in 2012. According to the study by GFK conducted in January-December 2015, the indicator of spontaneous awareness of the Nasha RiabaTM brand among consumers of chicken reached 97%.

Consumers trust the Nasha Riaba brand with the most precious thing – care of their families and children: 68% of Ukrainian families* choose Nasha Riaba for their children (aged between 9 months and 7 years inclusively), which serves as yet another proof of love and loyalty of millions of Ukrainian consumers.

*according to the February 2014 online survey by the marketing research agency Ivox Ukrainian-Belgian Company LLC