MHP Ethics HelpLine is created so that every employee and partner of the Company has the opportunity to be heard.  
This HelpLine is an opportunity to get a quick MHP reaction on any issues that cause outrage, doubt, and concern, as well as to address your suggestions and ideas on the ethical aspects of the Company's business. 
If you:  
  • need protection and support from the Company, 

  • face an employee’s injustice, abuse, fraud or corruption 

  • have any question regarding the ethical aspects of the Company’s business 

  • know how to make us better  

please contact us any time via phone, online form, email, Viber, Telegram or other channels 
Together, we create a business environment with the highest standards of honesty and transparency; the Company that supports its employees, builds assets and values ​​its reputation.  
MHP guarantees the confidentiality of all appeals; information shall not be disclosed. You can contact us anonymously or indicate your name to inform you of the measures taken. We protect applicants even if the information is not verified. 
What situations shall be considered as violations of the rules or business ethics of MHP?  
Any situation that looks unethical. These are bribery, fraud, disclosure of confidential information, a potential conflict of interest, theft, manipulation of reporting, the inaction of colleagues or management, careless attitude to the Company’s property, unprofessional manner, or failure to perform official duties. It is also important to report psychological pressure or intimidation, humiliation, slander, discrimination against employees, dangerous working conditions, potential human rights violations, and environmental violations. 
What happens after you apply to the MHP Ethics HelpLine?  
  • All appeals must be considered; an independent person monitors the process. 

  • Each message is assigned to the team that investigates the incident and is obliged to solve your problem.  

  • The Audit Committee (independent directors) is involved in case of significant violations or violations by the Company's top management. 

  • The applicant must receive an official response. 

  • Depending on the results of the investigation, disciplinary measures will be taken against the violator (this can be a warning, reprimand, loss of bonus, cancellation or suspension of the planned increase, dismissal), and the corresponding process will be changed if necessary. 

  • Even if the violation is not proven, we do not take any action against the applicant.