Chetvertynivka Agrees to Further Cooperation with Vinnytska Poultry Farm


On November 11th, 2017 village Chetvertynivka in Trostianets district of Vinnytsia region held public hearings on developing permission documents to build a rearing cite of Vinnytska Poultry Farm, that is a part of the MHP Group.

The public hearings were attended by:

  • locals: 262 attendees;
  • public organisations: Community Board of Chetvertynivka; Community Board of Ladyzhyn; People's Centre of Ecologic Control;
  • Mass media: "Trostianetski Visti";
  • Head of Chetvertynivka Village Council O. Makukh;
  • Director of VPF "Poultry Farm "Vinnytskyi Broiler" of PJSC "MHP" I. Leshchenko

The public hearings were preceded by consultations with community activists, public organisations, and local authorities. During the hearings, I. Leshchenko presented the previous EIE (Environment Impact Evaluation) - document, compiled in consideration of all the aspects and particularities of the potential construction. EIE includes the evaluation of impact on the local flora and fauna, social and economic environment as well as historical and cultural heritage and various other aspects that are important for the locals. During the hearings, everyone willing had an opportunity to express their opinion, both in favour and opposed to the construction. All the questions were reasonably answered.

Voting results:

  • "For": 181 attendees
  • "Against": 19 attendees
  • "Abstained": 3 attendees

Decision: approve the development of permission documents for the construction of rearing cite of Vinnytska Poultry Farm that is a peart of the MHP Group on the lands of Chetvertynivka Village Council.

Despite uneasy relationship between the Chetvertynivka village community and the MHP Group enterprises in the past, the information transparency, honesty and accessibility policy contributed to the ability of Vinnytska Poultry Farm to establish the dialogue and the partnership relations with the population, activists and public organisations. The unswerving implementation of the undertaken obligations and open discussion of all the aspects of future expansion allowed the MHP Group enterprise to prove itself as a reliable partner and socially responsible investor. That is why the community supported the project of Vinnytska Poultry Farm to construct the rearing cites.

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