Ecology Forum in Ladygin with participation of MHP


On August 3, in Ladygin town of Vinnitsya Region, First Ecology Forum has taken place. More than half hundred participants, representatives of large business and public organizations of the region visited this business event.

Representatives of Myronivsky Hliboproduct PJSC also participated in the forum. Chief Ecologist of MHP answered questions of public activists as for current Company’s activity and its environmental impact. In addition, Technical Expert of MHP Mr Vasyl Zherdets’ky provided exhaustive information on construction of biogas complex and responded all matters of participant’s concern. In particular, he informed that the construction of biogas complex would enable utilization of more than 55 % of all poultry litter residues at poultry production units. State-of-the-art technologies developed in Germany and USA would be used at it, and level of safety as a result will be even higher than that provided at similar objects in Western Europe.

«Green» electric power produced at biogas complex, Myronivsky Hliboproduct would supply to nationwide network, and thermal power would be used for own needs.

In toto, MHP has demonstrated willingness to cooperation, dialogue and search of best common decisions for implementation of planned projects.

In conclusion, Head of Civil Council of Ladygin CG Mr Skakodub pointed out that the parties exchanged contacts, found common ground, which without any doubt would promote quest for compromise.  

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