Meeting of MHP representatives with general public in Community Social Center of MHP in Ladyzhin town


On November 16, meeting was conducted in Ladyzhin town of MHP representatives with civic organizations and local activists.

At the meeting, MHP was represented by Alona Kuzmenko, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility, Olexander Semenets, Chief Ecologist of MHP, Hennady Shtefan, Vice Director on Social Affairs of “Vinnitsa Broiler” enterprise, and Vladislava Kanevs’ka, MHP Consultant.

The Community was represented by the activists: Vasylievka village – Vasyl Martsyniuk, Zaozerne village – Oksana Bazyliuk, Kleban village – Vitaliy Styrenko. The following members of civic organizations were present: Yuriy Vasyliev, Vice Head of “Public Center of Ecology Monitoring” SO, Andriy Skakodub, Head of “Ladyzhin Civic Council” SO, and Volodymir Sukhopara, Head of “Chetverynivs’ka Civic Council” SO.

The participants considered the following issues, and put forth the following proposals:

1. V. Styrenko: foresting issue around brigade location in Kleban’ village – investigate the issue: find documentation (territory arrangement of Village Council), and learn legislation in force (related to change of intended purpose, moratorium, Land Code etc.). Continue to discuss issue of the situation with the purpose to find option for the problem solving.
2. When possible, investigate and report to the community of international practices in poultry workshops construction, their spacing and capacity as well as of foresting experience.
3. By the decision of community, MHP is ready to contribute to population centers landscaping.
4. A. Kuzmenko and O. Semenets: informed of new requirements and practice for EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) taking into account international standards and recommendations. MHP will continue to make more profound assessment during documents preparation for new constructions, public discussions as well as recommendations and comments considering.
5. Examples of public hearings in communities were analyzed as for new constructions and problem of engagement within one community, which include small villages also; impact on neighboring communities was also considered.
6. Recommendations were given to MHP to consider the issue of preliminary discussions holding with engagement of all interested communities and residential places, in particular, as for impact within the territory and radius of accumulated effect, and during social agreements conclusion.
7. Recommendation was given to MHP to inform population of the intended construction: beforehand, widely, with provision of additional explanatory information, and with the use of various channels: media, announcements and private communication of citizens and activists.
8. Recommend communities to develop and approve “Provision for public hearings”, which will significantly help to solve any issues and prevent conflicts.
9. As for Zaozerne and Vasylivka: а) find and check Statutes, available for those two populated centers, and discuss issue of their interrelation; b) V. Martsinyuk and О. Basilyuk shall both participate in next meetings of Village Council.
10. Recommendations from V. Martsinyuk: call people’s deputies to clarify definition of “community” to have definition at the level of legislation.
11. V. Martsinyuk: call MHP to maintain libraries and clubs in small villages (200-300 persons), because nobody cares them.
12. Address was specified to which one can address management of MHP (Pisarev, Kuzmenko and others).
13. Possibility shall be reviewed of water resources condition investigation in Ladyzhin town and adjacent communities, as well as further discussion of cumulative assessment. А. Skakodub helps to pick up additional information.
14. Assist А. Skakodub in EIA information obtaining as for slaughterhouse (letter of inquiry to S. Ageikina with copy to А. Kuzmenko).
15. А. Skakodub: problem of public hearings organization shall be solved, because often Heads of Village Councils have no authority enough for this, there exist persons who provide additional “insurance” and “make a help” in their own way. Proposal is as follows: conduct training for Heads and members of Village Councils, in particular regarding implementation of EBRD recommendations as for procedure for public hearings conduction and development of relevant provisions for communities.
16. Consider a complaint of О. Basilyuk as for filed treatment by MHP located near her farm: solve the issue on merits – review sanitary limits, specification for means of filed treatment, and what will be planted at the field in future. Hold special meeting with participation of Chief Agronomist of “Zernoproduct MHP” PJSC.
17. V. Sukhopara: spoke of situation development in Chetverynivka village, and gave an example of consultations with involvement of MHP Company representatives, community and deputies prior to public hearings of November 11: no pressure or excessive agitation, participants had enough information both of brigade building construction and social projects. Importance of decision taking by duly informed community.
18. Yu. Vasyliev: inform communities, and especially beekeepers, in time, of bee plants treatment (many complaints were received of bee deaths after the treatment).
19. Yu. Vasyliev: in is important that in certain cases, in order to find reason for bad smells in Ladygin town, ecologists of MHP Group (Pododvorny, Mayboroda and Korol’) dealt swiftly with calls and escorted representative of the community who informed of the problem.
20. А. Skakodub: once again, employees discharge water after poultry washing directly from machines, rather than do this through MGT-11 barrels. Civic control over this shall be tightened, and interaction of MHP community promoted.

Meeting attendee have agreed to finalize the questions and to conduct scheduled meetings in future.

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