MHP Establishes Cooperation with Public Organisations


August 11th, 2017

The second consecutive meeting with the representatives of the public environmental organisation the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) and the CEE Bankwatch Network took place in mid-July 2017. The participants on behalf of "Myronivskyi Hliboproduct" (MHP) included: Aliona Kuzmenko, Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Director; Oleksandr Semenets, Chief Ecologist. The NECU and the Bankwatch were represented by Yurii Urbanskyi, Executive Director of the NECU; Vladlena Martsynkevych, Expert on Agricultural Ecologisation as well as Fidanka Bacheva-McGrath, Coordinator of EBRD (European Bank of Reconstruction and Development) Campaign, CEE Bankwatch Network.

During the meeting the parties discussed important issues pertaining to MHP's activities, mainly: the Stakeholders Engagement Plan developed by the company, which defined the key indicators and the company's plans for the current year as well as particularities of interacting with the territorial communities where MHP's enterprises are present. During the discussion, particular problems of certain communities and territories were presented and further steps to improve the relations and establish fruitful cooperation with all the representatives of the public were outlined.

The Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Director Aliona Kuzmenko commented on the meeting with the NECU and the Bankwatch:

"I am glad to communicate with public organisations. It's vital that the civil society cares about people's lives and welfare in the regions of Ukraine. The representatives of the NECU and the Bankwatch are ready to share their information and experience during the mediation processes with us. It's essential for us, because the key principle of MHP's corporate social responsibility policy implies partnership in all the territories where the company is present that is mutually beneficial for all the parties and will ultimately lead to better life for ordinary citizen of Ukraine in general.

In future, we plan to hold such meetings with the NECU or other public organisation interested in cooperating with us as well. This is a priority for MHP," said Aliona Kuzmenko.

This is MHP's second meeting with the representatives of the NECU and the Bankwatch. The first one took place in April this year. During the meeting, (A. Kuzmenko and O. Semenets from MHP; V. Martsynkevych, O. Pasiuk from the NECU; F. Bacheva-McGrath from the Bankwatch) got acquainted, shared their planes and outlined ways to solve problematic issues.

The National Ecological Centre of Ukraine is not the only public organisation in Ukraine that MHP cooperates with. For instance, during 2016-2017, relations have been established and meetings held with: Resource Centre of the Non-State Public Organisations Association in Cherkasy region (NSOA); PO "Chyhyryn People's Council" (Cherkasy region); PO "Ladyzhyn Public Council" (Vinnytsia region); "STINA" Businessmen Community (Vinnytsia region). Recently, the representatives from MHP participated in the ecological forum in Ladyzhyn (Vinnytsia region), organised by public organisations to discuss the impact of large businesses on the environment in the region.



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