MHP S.A. launches its Stakeholders’ Engagement Plan



On March 31, 2014 MHP S.A. announced a new Stakeholders’ Engagement Plan in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation. The Plan will be implemented at all of the Company’s enterprises (numbering more than 30 units in 13 regions of Ukraine) by the end of this year.

The Plan contains the Company’s principles, together with clear channels for stakeholder engagement with MHP.

It will be available on the Company’s website and will carry detailed information including legislative provisions, responsible departments, key employee contacts and the staff grievance procedure. The Plan will be updated annually and stakeholders will also be able to access news from the Centre of CSR Development in Ukraine.

The Head of MHP’s IR/PR Department, Anastasiya Sobotyuk, says that the move is significant because it encourages more efficient, frequent and transparent communication.
She commented: “Previously this process was not systematic, with the risk that we might accidentally pass over a stakeholder’s question. The Plan brings strict standards for all our enterprises, with a formal process to log the date and nature of every engagement and a nominated person or group to monitor it.

I am confident that all stakeholders will find this is reflected by a high-quality, efficient engagement process with MHP – whether regionally, nationally or internationally.”


Anastasiya Sobotyuk (Kyiv)
Head of IR/PR (044) 207 00 70

Kateryna Shvitina (Kyiv)
Junior Communications Specialist (050) 418 65 58

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