MHP Together with Radar Tech Launches the Large-scale Project on Search and Support of Start-ups


The agroholding Mironivskyi Hliboproduct and Radar Tech technological cluster launch the general innovative accelerator for search and development of start-ups din different spheres. The project has All-Ukraine scale: search of the ideas and companies will be carried out not only in all large cities, but also in several towns.

Ksenia Prozhogina, Head of human resource management department of MHP, declared it in October during the final of a corporate Telecom accelerator 2. 0 Radar Tech (The telecom accelerator is implemented with assistance of the Kyivstar company) in Kiev.

Vertically integrated structure of MHP with a full trade cycle will promote a wide range of application of innovations.

At the first stage it will be selected the 25th companies from which at the second stage will remain 10 for full acceleration. Winners will have an opportunity to cooperate with MHP. Within the project MHP will give companies a chance on a practical level to test their projects, will offer the expert judgement and mentors.

According to Ksenia Prozhogina the company supports two key ideas of this project: "First - innovations are born in startups quicker than in corporations. However, in the last one there are all resources to promote development of new products. Huge holdings and corporations are sustainable, successful business that often lack dynamics, drive, "an output for the frames" peculiar to start-ups. We have decided to support an accelerator that useful, significant ideas turned into real operating projects. The second idea - we, vertically integrated holding, want similar projects not only to be created here, but also to promote our Ukrainian talented youth to remain in Ukraine. That is we are ready to invest", - she added.

The start of collection of requests is slated for November 2017.

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