The «Countryside: steps to development»


On August 7 in Cherkasy and on August 18 in Vinnitsya, ceremonial events took place summarizing results of mini-grants competition for rural population «Countryside: steps to development» organized by Myronivs’ky Hliboproduct PJSC for the second year in a row. 25 best projects were announced in Cherkasy Region and 20 ones in Vinnitsya Region.

45 winners of competition got Certificates from MHP PJSC of funding their projects in an amount up to 40 000 hryvnias. In gross, MHP invested 1 MIO 950 hryvnias to various business plans of farmers.

The «Countryside: steps to development» Project is oriented on social commitment boosting of rural communes and support of best initiatives implementation of habitants for self-organization in socio-economic, cultural and tourist spheres, development of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

MHP invests in business projects of local residents in its area of operation; in particular, in Cherkasy Region those are Kaniv, Cherkasy, Horodyshche, Katerynopil, Korsun’-Shevchenko and Chyhyrin districts. This year, village residents of Bershad, Haisyn, Trostyanets’, Tulchyn and Nemyriv districts of Vinnitsya Region could join the participants of the competition.

Priority guidelines of micro grant projects are as follows:

- arrangement conditions for rural population self-employment (family farm units, agricultural cooperatives, green tourism etc.);

- implementation of socio-economic, cultural and tourist potential capabilities of the region;

- harnessing of renewable and energy saving approaches, and implementation of innovative technologies.

 In judgement of the MHP PJSC Chairman of Board Mr Kosyuk, changes shall begin from ourselves. “Each of us governs his own life and his own conditions. Start a business, and we will help you. Begin put things in order from your fence, house, street, and we will support this. The principal thing is to assume your responsibility and change your life for the better. The country is built and developed not from above but from underneath, and only self-consistent steps of each of us will lead to development of state in whole”.

Non-governmental organizations, which shared ideas of small and medium business at villages, collaborated with MHP. In Cherkasy Region, “Resource Center ANGO” NGO with Mr Anatoly Rekun at the head joined the project.
In Vinnitsya Region, “VOO Stina, Business League” NGO with Mr Olexander Pechalin at the head
became partners of the project. In addition, Vinnitsya State Administration provided all-out support; in particular, Chairman of State Administration of Vinnitsya Region Mr Valery Koroviy was counselor of competition.

After competition was announced in April of 2017, at first stage of implementation of “Village: steps to development” program, contenders were coached at seminars to social design, correct elaboration of application and necessary documents as well as fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Totally, more than 300 interested habitants of the regions visited those seminars. Further, their prepared business projects were reviewed by commission and discussed in the course of personal contact with contenders. Winners among finalists were chosen at panel of experts of regional competitions.

“In 2017 we expanded geography to two operation areas of MHP - Vinnitsya Region and Cherkasy Region. Such competitions are extremely important for society, and interest to them will nothing but grow. During intercommunications, many projects were proposed, traditional for countryside: crop production and stockbreeding, but there were many interesting ideas such as for instance green tourism, mini-hydroelectric power plant building, household wastes recycling, and wide range of services. Furthermore, all of them are commercially reasonable and socially minded. We see that small support at start can provide stable self-employment and micro-entrepreneurship of rural population, and this promotes revival of village as a whole” - commented out Mrs Alona Kuzmenko, Director of Public Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility (PR & CSR) Department of Myronivs’ky Hliboproduct PJSC.

It is a reminder that last year similar project being pilot one was implemented in Cherkasy region. As a result, 10 winners got gratuitous financial aid in amount of 40 ths of hrn each.


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