Transparent business conduct: MHP has won a court case contra German TV-channel


Leading Ukrainian agro-holding MHP that strictly adheres to the principles of highest transparency and openness in business conduct has won a court case contra German TV-channel. The reason for suit was the peace posted on the channel: the company that is a good example of implementation of world environmental standards on all of its entities was unfoundedly imputed in environmental contamination. Information given in the video was of improper nature and could aggrieve business reputation of international holding.

Judicial precedent – case for the Company

In June 2017 one of German TV-channel released a video about MHP entities activity, namely – Vinnytsya Poultry Farm and «Zernoproduct MHP». Information released in the video did not correspond to the facts, MHP representatives informed the channel about it by putting forward arguments, facts, and documentary proves.

The Company demanded to stop the translation of the program in terms of which the video was shown and to impound the information from the web site releasing the contradiction instead.

Legitimate grounds

When the channel refused to adhere to requirements, the MHP representatives in Germany had sued in Hamburg Civil court.

In the course of the judicial proceedings was established that the channel had released the information of improper nature and broke the assets 823 (Compensation of damage commitment) and 824 (Dissemination of information that puts in stake trustworthiness) of German Civil Code.

Equitable decision

The court compels TV-channel to impound the information released to public, stop the translation of the video on air and on the web site and also to dispose doubtful information about MHP. Sentence was fully performed by the channel.

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