Official position of MHP regarding the recorded case of bird flue in Vinnytsia region


 As on 18 January 2020, a case of bird flu was recorded in Vinnytsia region (Buhakiv village, Nemyriv district, Vinnytsia region, Khutir IE), we want to inform you on the following:

We take all necessary measures to prevent potential outbreaks at Vinnytsia Poultry Complex located in Vinnytsia region. With regard to the outbreak in Buhakiv village, Vinnytsia region, we closely monitor the decisions of the meeting of the State Extraordinary Anti-Epizootic Commission at Nemyriv District State Administration which will approve the plan for disease elimination, define the anti-epizootic area, protection and monitoring zones.

It is important to mention  that MHP being a leading  Ukrainian poultry producer employs one of the most up-to-date quality and biological safety control systems engaging more than two thousand daily control parameters of the entire production chain and finished products.

We also emphasize that at all MHP Group poultry complexes, health and living condition of birds are constantly checked by State Veterinarian Service and Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

Avian influenza outbreaks currently do not threaten MHP’s enterprises.

In any case, MHP will comply with all the legislative regulations and rules for biological safety and monitor the situation and announcements of the Main Department of the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection in Vinnytsia Region.


Please address any questions or concerns to:

Anastasiia Sobotiuk (Kyiv)

Director of IR


+38 050 339 29 99




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