MHP’s objective is full energy security combined with pure organic farming methods.

In the conditions of dependence on energy consumption sources the special attention is attracted by alternative power engineering, effective use of resources, use of energy efficient technologies and also technologies of energy saving.

To define and use alternative energy resources – today is one of the MHP priority tasks.

Qualitative, safe and environmentally friendly production, "green" energy and clean environment - international standards which we want to implement on our enterprises.


Regarding this MHP is faced such tasks:


• Achievement of power independence.

• Production of environmentally friendly organic biological fertilizers.

• Preservation of ecology in the locations of all enterprises that are part of the MHP group.


In the spring of 2012 "Myronivsky hliboproduct" has begun works on construction of the first biogas station on Oril-Leader poultry farm in the Dnipropetrovsk region. In December 2012, the company has put the first fermenter into operation. In 2013 the biogas station which power was 5 MW/hour has been started (it is equivalent to power supply for 15 000 apartments and to thermal providing 1 500 apartments). At the end of 2014 the biogas station has reached the full capacity.


It is the first biogas station in Europe with an indicator of such power and level of technologies that works at a chicken dung and waste of a complex on processing of chickens broilers.


Project approval.


International organizations have confirmed efficiency and relevance of the project regarding ecology and safety standards.

Project cost – $15 mln


Operational performance of activity of a biogas complex in 2017



Operational performance of activity of a biogas complex in 2017

Biogas produced

19 200 thnd m3/year

Green energy produced

38 400 000 kW/year

Green heat released in heating network

8 400 Gcal /year

Natural gas reserved because of green heat production

1 040 thnd m3/year










Main components that are processed into biogas

Bird dung

180 t / day (66 000 t / year)

Flotation sludge

40 t / day (14 600 t / year)


35 t / day (13 000 t / year)

Sorgo silo mass

50 t / day (18 000 t / year)

Water from the treatment facilities

350 t / day (128 000 t / year)













In March 2017, the project of construction of a new biogas complex on the Vinnytsia poultry farm, which will end in 2020, has been announced. The design capacity will be 20 MW. It may become the biggest biogas complex in the world.


The cost of 1 stage of construction – $27 million.