SE Peremoga Nova Poultry Farm


The Peremoga Nova Poultry Farm is first poultry farm of MHP.

Production preparation started in September 1999 with the reconstruction and modernization of the farm's production facilities and equipment. General reconstruction and refurbishment resulted in up-to-date slaughter lines, meat processing and packing facilities and a modern incubator. Peremoga Nova currently has 67 poultry houses.

Since the end of 2014 the factory started to engage in the production of hatching eggs.


Operating activities:

  • 9 areas for parent poultry stock.
  • 6 areas for replacement chicks.

Auxiliary servicing subdivisions: motor-transport park of 120 vehicle units, machine-service workshop, construction brigade, electrical service workshop, and service of control and measuring equipment.


The enterprise exploits equipment of such companies and manufacturers as: Big Dutchman, Van Hoof Blade.


Operation indices for 2015:

  • 34.6 million units of hatching eggs were produced (96.7 %), and
  • 1.1 million units of marketable eggs (3.3 %) were produced.

After collection and disinfection hatching eggs are completed into batches and transported into final plants of company MHP without warehousing on the enterprise. Marketable eggs are sent for selling.


Certification of enterprise:

  • GLOBAL G.A.P. Basic module: agricultural production / poultry farming.


Current social projects / programs:
All employees of subsidiary enterprise Peremoha Nova can use benefits presented in the social package consisting of:

  • Preferences in the form of granting goods and catering.
  • Free-of-charge transportation of employees to workplace / from workplace.
  • Young specialists and employees of enterprise are provided with temporal and permanent accommodation. Today 2 dormitories and residential blocks of 16 flats are at employees’ disposal.



Number of enterprise employees amounts to 512 persons.

Charitable activities
During 2015 voluntary Saturday works on territory improvement in villages Moshny and Budyshche were made. Projects of sponsor aid and charitable assistance in favor of village councils, educational institutions, kindergartens, and other organizations were implemented.
On the whole, subsidiary enterprise Peremoha Nova allotted 3,152,000 Hryvnias for charitable activities during 2015.

Director of The Peremoga Nova Poultry Farm – Viktor Stepanovych Grynyuk.
Address: building 68, Lesi Ukrainki Street, village Budyshche, Cherkassy district, Cherkassy Oblast, 19620.
Phone of reception room: (047) 340401, (047) 340 249.


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