Branch Complex for Manufacturing Feeds


Production complex for manufacturing feeds is located in Vinnytsia Oblast and provides LLC Vinnitsia Poultry Farm with the feeds.


Enterprise's performance indicators for 2015:

  • 325,916 thousand tons of sunflower seeds were processed.
  • 607,128 thousand tons of feeds were produced.
  • 419, 131 thousand tons were accepted for grain elevator
  • 325,916 thousand tons of sunflower seeds was accepted for the oilseed elevator.


In 2015 the capacity of the oil press plant was increased due to construction of the 3rd line with the sunflower processing capacity of 620 t/day; the additional husk granulating line with the capacity of 5 tons/hour was constructed; the capacity of the workshop mixed feed line was increased by 10% in making БПК 1-8, БПК 9-17 feeds, by increasing the capacity of the transport equipment of return line of fine grain feed to the granulation line.


It is planned to put into operation the second steam boiler with the capacity of 12 t of steam per hour in 2016, which will operate on the sunflower husk.


Operational activities

  • Storage capacities of the oilseed elevator - 200,000 cubic meters.
  • Storage capacities of the grain elevator - 200,000 cubic meters.
  • Drying capacities of the grain elevator – 270 tons per hour.
  • Drying capacities of the oilseed elevator – 120 tons per hour.
  • Peeling capacities of the grain elevator – 450 tons per hour.
  • Peeling capacities of the oilseed elevator – 300 tons per hour.
  • Capacities of the line of the plant for production of feeds - 90 tons per hour.
  • Capacities of three lines of the oil press plant– 1 620 tons per hour.
  • Capacity of the tank for oil storage - 3 pcs. 3,000 cubic meters each
  • Capacity of the railway terminal - 100 tons per hour.


Certification of the enterprise:

  • System of ISO 9001:2008 – CH12/2252 standards (Quality Certificate).
  • ISO 22000:2005 – CH12/2253 (Food Safety Certificate).


Current social projects/programs of the Enterprise:

  • Financial aid, assistance with products.
  • Financial and non-financial motivation: bonuses using the products, arrangement of feasts and events for the employees
  • Privileged products and food, vouchers for trips.
  • Free delivery to work / from work.
  • Stimulation of the employees, who are actively participating in the events designed for increase and improvement of performance indicators at the enterprise, is organized at the enterprise .




For charity in 2015 the enterprises issued UAH 197, 442.06; these funds were used to implement such socially important projects as assistance to religious communities, assistance to the educational schools and pre-school institutions, land improvement, repair of roads in populated localities, assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, funding fests and events for the population, assistance to governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Director LLC Vinnitsia Poultry Farm Branch Complex for Manufacturing Feeds – Viacheslav Volodymyrovych Kontsur.


1 Ivana Sahaieva Street, Ladyzhyn, 24321, Vinnytsia Region. Telephone/fax: (04343) 6-76-04 (-03)