Ferroconcrete Products

“Myronivsky Hliboproduct” Agricultural Holding is made up of several large enterprises that are well-known in the country and globally. This structure is stipulated by the vertical integration of the MHP business model. The holding is comprised of enterprises engaged in grain production (“Zernoproduct MHP” PrJSC, “SPF Urozhay” PrJSC, “Agrofort” PrJSC, “Urozhayna Kraina” LLC, “Perspective” branch, “Zernoproduct MHP” PrJSC, “Zahid-Agro MHP” LLC, “AgroKryazh” ALLC, “Agro-S” LLC, “Ridny Kray” Branch), in fodder production (“Myronivsky Plant for Groats and Feeds Manufacturing” PJSC, “Katerynopilsky Elevator” LLC, “Interfarm Complex for Production of Feeds” Branch of “Vinnytsia Poultry Farm” PJSC), in broiler chicken parent stock rearing (“Starynska Breeding Farm” LLC and “Peremoha Nova Poultry Farm” SE), in broiler chicken rearing (“Vinnytsia Poultry Farm” PJSC, “Myronivska Poultry Farm” PrJSC, “Oril Leader” PrJSC), in meat processing (“Ukrainian Bacon” PrJSC and Myronivsky Meat Processing Plant “Lehko”) as well as in other operations that are ancillary to the major directions of the agricultural business (“Cherkasky Ferroconcrete Products Plant”, “Vinnytsky Broiler” of “Vinnytsia Poultry Farm” PJSC and “MHP Eco Energy” PrJSC).

Since its foundation in 1963, Cherkasky Ferroconcrete Products Plant has been producing ferroconcrete structures for agricultural buildings and facilities.

A new chapter in the enterprise’s history – renewal, development and stability – began in 2005 when it joined the MHP Group.


Today, the plant’s production capacity amounts to about 100,000 m3 of high quality ferroconcrete structures and commercial concrete per year. Due to its extensive experience, expert staff and excellent production base, the company’s engineers continue to develop technologies and expand the products range including those used in agricultural buildings and facilities construction.