PJSC Myronivsky Plant for Manufacturing Groats and Feeds (MFC)


It’s this enterprise from which development of Myronivsky Hliboprodukt began.


PJSC Myronivsky Plant of Greets and Feed Stuff (MPGFS) was established in 1979.



Operational activities:

The capacity of grain storage facilities (elevators) is about 248,000 m3, of which the elevator of cereals takes 120,500 m3, elevator of oilseeds – 128,800 m3.


capacity of grain drying at Myronivsky PGFS:

  • elevator of cereals – from moisture content of 35% to moisture content of 14% -100 t/hour;
  • elevator of oilseeds from moisture content of 11% to moisture content of 7% - 15 t/hour;
  • elevator of oilseeds from moisture content of 14% to moisture content of 7% - 87.5 t/hour.


capacity of grain peeling:

  • cereals - 160 t/hour – 2 lines;
  • oilseeds - 210 t/hour – 3 lines.


capacity (containers) for oil storage– 6,000 m3.


The mixed feed plant represents two production lines with a capacity of 30 t/hours each.


The oil pressing plant represents two lines with total capacity of 1050 tons/day.


The rail terminal with capacity of 150 tons/hour of loading sunflower oil in railway tanks, 80 tons/hour of loading granulated husk.


Certification of the enterprise:

Production of unrefined sunflower oil and sunflower oil cake (reception and storage of sunflower seeds, production, storage and shipment of sunflower oil and sunflower cake)

  • ISO 9001:2008.
  • ISO 22000:2005.



Current social projects/programs of the Enterprise:

  • Privileged: food, products, rest and recreation.
  • Free delivery to work / from work.


Number of employees – 626.



The Enterprise takes an active part in charity in the social sphere. Thus, during 2015 the following projects have been implemented: improvement of the carriageway on Myronivka-Vladyslavka road segment; the funds for the ATO forces and their family were allocated; the assistance was rendered to the public and governmental organizations and companies.


Chairman of the Board of Myronivsky Plant for Manufacturing Groats and Feeds PJSC – Oleksandr Vasyliovych Zhukotanskyi.


Address: 1 Elevatorna St., Myronivka, Kyiv Region, 08800, Теl./fax: (04574) 4-20-42.