Starynska Breeding Farm Agricultural LLC

Starynska Breeding Farm Agricultural LLC was founded  on the 11th May 2000. The enterprise is a part of MHP since 2002. 

Operating activities:

  • 9 repair bays.
  • 18 production areas.
  • 228 poultry men & women in total are employed in hatching house.

Other subdivisions of the enterprise: motor-transport park, tractor park, machine-service workshop, warehouse for eggs storage, division of meat production (slaughtering- and dissection workshops), electrical service workshop, construction workshop, subdivision of engineering service, emergency service of water- and gas-supply, fuel-and-lubricant warehouse, 2 thrashing floors with warehouses, grain-drying complex, warehouse of mineral fertilizers, and canteen.

Results of operation in 2015:

  • According to outcomes for 2015 285,642,634 million hatching eggs were produced in this poultry plant.

Charitable activities:
During 2015 the poultry plant Starynska implemented such charitable projects as: laying of the detour road near village Mali Yerkovtsi and delivered welfare aid for repairing the kindergarten “Kazka”.
Also several charitable projects were implemented for social service of village Veselynivka. The poultry plant Starynska together with Public Joint-Stock Company MHP made major overhaul of local kindergarten, large-scale repair works for local school, community center and for local church.
Taking into consideration social and political situation in country during 2015 the enterprise continued rendering of assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. More than thirty units of motor vehicles of the National Guard of Ukraine were overhauled on the basis of poultry plant utilities.
On the whole, agricultural limited liability company (ALLC) Starynska Breeding Farm allotted 4,000,050 Hryvnias for implementation of social projects during 2015.

Social projects / programs of enterprise
All employees of ALLC Starynska Ptahofabryka can use benefits presented in the social package consisting of:

  • Preferences in the form of granting goods and catering for plant employees.
  • Free-of-charge transportation of employees to workplace / from workplace.
  • Welfare, gifts in favor of employees and their children on occasion of holidays.
  • Regular bonus awards to best employees.
  • Programs for employees under such names as «Young specialist», «Staff reserve» etc.


Director of ALLC Starynska Breeding Farm  -  Mischenko Sergiy Vasilovich

Address: building 1, village Myrne, Borispil’ district, Kyiv Oblast, 08361,

Phone: 38 (044) 389-36-14, Fax: 38 (044) 389-35-39.



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