Products of MHP are sold all over Ukraine. The Company sells its products through the franchise network; it delivers its products directly to the supermarkets and retail networks; it also uses other sales channels.


Sale of poultry through its own distribution network is one of the competitive advantages of MHP. Products of the company's trademarks are sold by more than 2 thousand specialized sales outlets. Approximately 1,800 people at MHP are working in the sphere of sales and distribution in addition to the franchise network. Commercial Department of MHP manages sales.


MHP has 6 branches for direct sales and 4 branches of inter-branch logistics, where each of them is located in a big city. The company plans to expand geographical cover both in the mid-run and long-run. 5 distribution centers are owned by the company; the other distribution centers are rented by MHP. Every distribution center has warehouse premises and vehicle fleet which allows MHP efficiently and timely delivering products to the franchise outlets, supermarkets and other retail sales outlets. At the beginning of 2016 the vehicle fleet of MHP included 487 own refrigerated trucks manufactured by such leading manufacturers as Mercedes, Scania and MAN, where each of them is equipped with modern refrigeration equipment such as Thermo King, Carrier. Advantage of MHP's logistics is delivery of chilled bulk products within 24 hours since the time of making the relevant order. Delivery time for the packaged products is 48 hours.


Approximately 35% of chilled products is sold through the franchise network, approximately another 40% is sold through the supermarkets and other retail sales outlets; the rest is supplied to catering establishments and industrial enterprises.All customers of MHP (including franchises) purchase products on the basis of the relevant supply contracts, which, as a rule, are concluded for a period up to one year. As a rule, the volume of the products is coordinated with every customer on monthly basis. However, the volume of products can be coordinated on daily basis, if the customer requests so.


Sales to the networks of supermarkets and other retail trade representatives


Products manufactured by MHP are sold in 98% of the trade networks of Ukraine. The company supplies products to the leading networks of supermarkets, namely, Fozzy, Silpo, ATB, Eko, Novus, Metro Cash&Carry, Auchan, Furshet. MHP ensures permanent support of the poultry sales by means of the marketing activities of Nasha Riaba. Moreover, the company is holding different efficient trade and marketing promotional campaigns at the sales networks which are designed for increase in the sales volumes, as well as national promotional campaigns with the support in mass media.


MHP is the main national supplier of the poultry due to the following:

  • production of the European level;
  • own efficient system of logistics;
  • observance of the highest international quality and safety standards;
  • enterprises certified for export to the European Union states (ISO 9001 - Quality Management System, FSSC 2200 - Safety Management System, BRC Food – Global Standard for Food Safety).


It should be mentioned that sales per one running meter from shelf at the networks exceed sales of the company's competitors ensuring large earnings to the selling sites.


Sales to catering establishments, industrial enterprises

MHP supplies its products to the catering establishments (hotels, restaurants and cafes), which use the poultry and other meat products. MHP sells a wide range of meat products and supplementary products, which include exclusive offers, namely, semi-finished products under LEHKO TM, in order to satisfy different needs of its customers, in particular, from fast food restaurants to high-level restaurants.


MHP also delivers products to the companies using the poultry for further processing. Variety of MHP product line strengthens positions of the company in the industrial segment of the market.