Healthy poultry is the first step toward qualitative and safe food production.

Conditionally such care can be divided into three levels: care during incubation and breeding, care during transportation and care in the course of slaughtering.

Favorable conditions of maintenance, high standards of biological safety, balanced nourishment and fresh drinking water, permanent veterinary inspection, timely treatment, keeping of bedding clean, and protection against suffering are key aspects of humane treatment to poultry during its breeding.

Beginning with one-day age our poultry is under permanent supervision and control on the part of qualified employees including specialists of veterinary medicine.

The employees of enterprises do not keep domestic poultry in their households, in addition the principle “all poultry in / all poultry out” is observed with a view of providing epidemiological welfare.

The main principle of veterinary supervision over the health status of poultry on enterprises is that prevention of disease is more efficient than its treatment. Therefore with a view of preventing diseases all poultry stock passes obligatory vaccination against agents of such diseases as infectious bronchitis; Newcastle disease and Gumboro disease.

Strict control over administration of antibiotics used for treatment of sick flock is set in our enterprises. Antibiotics are used only with the permission of the state physician of veterinary medicine of PrJSC MHP and with the permission of the chief physician of veterinary medicine of the enterprises after determining the diagnosis and defining the sensitivity of a disease agent to a certain kind of antibiotic by means of conducting laboratory researches. Administration of antibiotics with a view of prophylaxis of diseases in enterprises is prohibited.

Strict control over bacteria like Salmonella is exercised in in poultry breeding enterprises belonging to PrJSC MHP. This control is not limited to the Program of the state veterinary-and-sanitary control over salmonellosis of broilers in poultry-breeding enterprises of Ukraine.

Regulated processes of measures that prevent and make appearance of bacteria like Salmonella impossible are under way in enterprises. Such measures include control over vermin in enterprises, input control over the raw stuff and materials in enterprises; personal hygiene of personnel; management of enterprise wastes’ recycling; washing and disinfection of poultry yard, incubators, slaughtering complexes, production, refrigeration and warehouse premises, returnable polymer-made packing materials, transport motor vehicles, etc. as well as permanent laboratory control over quality of taking such measures.


Poultry catch and its safe transportation is a no less important component of caring after animals. None of display of coercion or cruel treatment to poultry is allowed in the course of poultry catch for transportation into slaughter houses. Environment of animals’ stay during transportation operation is carefully supervised: sufficiency of free space, no traumas, proper temperature of environment, time of transportation, etc. PrJSC MHP cares that during transportation operation poultry is not under additional stress and does not suffer.


Caring after poultry in the course of slaughtering includes such aspects as: correct wire-hanging of the live poultry, using of special lighting and equipment, and pre-slaughter stunning of poultry with sparing effect. The permanent control over such measures is a guarantee that all production processes are under way with due regard to humane treatment.





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