MHP is a sustainable vertically integrated agricultural enterprise, which, like no other, understands the importance of operation in compliance with sustainable development principles.


Each enterprise of MHP group has its environmental activity performed either by an in-house environmental specialist or by a person appointed responsible for environmental protection. The company’s managers pay close attention to the issues of advanced training of environmental specialists and persons responsible for environmental work. Thus, in accordance with Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine on Environmental Protection, in 2014-2015, twenty five of the Company’s employees completed an advanced training course at the State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine. Upon completion, all of them successfully passed the examinations and received standard-issue certificates.

The daily work of environmental specialists and persons responsible for environmental protection is primarily aimed at:

  • environmental legislation enforcement;
  • systematic reduction of operating and maintenance expenses;
  • reduction of energy and resource losses;
  • reduction of expenses related to the enterprises’ impact on the environment;
  • improvement of the company’s competitiveness both on the domestic and on the foreign market;
  • creation of a more favorable public image for the company;
  • prevention of environmental emergencies and accidents, which may cause substantial environmental pollution, financial losses, or bankruptcy;
  • extra profit related to the environmental aspects of the enterprise’s activities;


In January 2015, commissioning operations were completed for an in-house facility for biomass-based (vegetable- and animal-based) biogas production, with subsequent processing and disposal of the organic part of the waste.

The company has developed the following environmental protection programs:

  • Environmental management program for the enterprises of MHP.
  • Environmental management system implementation program for the enterprises of MHP.
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction program for the enterprises of MHP.
  • Pesticide management plan for the enterprises of MHP.