MHP applies the most modern technologies on each stage of production. That is the reason why all MHP’s enterprises are among the world’s most modern.


Due to automatization of major parts of the production process, the final products are of maximum quality.

All MHP enterprises adopt equipment from leading European manufacturers, so the company’s products are of the highest quality and safety in industrial poultry production market.

In particular, MHP adopts equipment from companies such as:

  • Big Dutchman (Germany);
  • MOBA (Netherlands);
  • VDL (Netherlands);
  • Meyn Food (Netherlands);
  • Pas Reform (Netherlands);
  • CFS (Netherlands);
  • Sprout Matador (Denmark);
  • Harlev (Denmark);
  • Buhler AG (Switzerland).


The use of modern equipment and leading technologies provides exceptionally positive effects on productivity and performance indicators, for example breed safety and fodder conversion. With regards to the finished poultry meat product, new packaging has been developed for every the product line to preserve gas, which helps to increase the length of the product integrity and availability for consumers.