The Сompany prepares detailed job descriptions for all positions to guarantee the most effective course of business processes within each division or department. In turn, the quality of a particular function depends on the skills of the employee or candidate for the position.


The basis of cooperation - compliance of the employee’s professional and personal skills with the requirement of the position he or she occupies or applies for.


The Human Resource Department is seeking true experts and determines their competence level to the individual position requirements. It is important for us not only to find a specialist with the right experience, but to be able to determine whether he or she has the necessary core competencies, whether he or she has the ability to develop them, and more importantly, what is his or her motivation.


Everyone who works in the MHP has proved and continues to prove every day that he or she meets the requirements of his position and, therefore, the requirements of the company. Despite the relative stability of the business process, each employee of the MHP aims to become more efficient: for as long as the company moves forward, to stand still - is wrong. If you want to develop successfully with the company – you have to keep up with the rate of MHP’s development.


It is important to understand that the values and interests that unite us do not make us identical. Each of us has our own life and needs, which make us different from each other and each of us acts in a certain way to meet our needs. This way unites us and it’s important for each of us to know and understand that we can meet our individual needs by working in MHP, which will become an important part of our lives.



The core values of MHP in the sphere of HR 

Professional competence:

the ability to act successfully on the basis of practical experience and skills in order to complete professional objectives. Personal competence is a set of personal traits, which deals with a person himself, as well as his interactions with other people, groups, and society.



the individual human qualities, which contribute to the rapid acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience, their reinforcement and effective practical use.



a set of impulses (reasons, needs, incentives, situational factors) that stimulate the activity of individual and determine the focus of its activities.


Examples of actions and behavior:


  • achieve results, and not give in to failure;
  • act in the interests of the company and not for own benefit;
  • help colleagues and not to gloat to their mistakes;
  • take responsibility for own actions, and not to avoid responsibility; and
  • negotiate the problems, not hide them.




PERSONNEL POLICY                                                      PROTECTION AND SAFE LABOUR POLICY